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Kyiv City Council unanimously approved Public-private partnership with Seed Forum Ukraine Foundation

Thursday, 8th of October 2015, Seed Forum Ukraine Foundation has achieved a major milestone in receiving unanimous support of Kyiv City Council in establishing an innovation and entrepreneurship centre iHUB Kyiv in public-private partnership at Kreshchatyk, 10.


Voting results.


A memorandum of cooperation was signed with the Mayor of Kyiv Vitaly Klitchko on 8th of September 2015. Further, in accordance with Ukrainian law, the PPP can only be established through voting of the City Council to ensure democracy and transparency of such partnership.

Thus today we have set a precedence by receiving the votes of an overwhelming majority (75 out of 93) of the deputies, who supported the provision of over 1,500 square metres of centrally-located city property to iHUB Kyiv centre for innovation and entrepreneurship.


MOU signing between Vitaliy Klitschko (Mayor @ Kyiv City Council), Steinar Hoel Korsmo (President@Seed Forum Norway Foundation), Dimitri Podoliev (Director@Seed Forum Ukraine Foundation).

H.E. Mr. Jon Elvedal Fredriksen (Ambassador of Norway to Ukraine), Steinar Hoel Korsmo (President@Seed Forum Norway Foundation), Dimitri Podoliev (Director@Seed Forum Ukraine Foundation) at future iHUB location on Kreshchatyk, 10.


Kyiv city team worked with us in a very fast and result-oriented manner and together we were able to make history by getting from signing a memorandum to voting in a record time of exactly one month. We are very grateful for such great cooperation and extend our sincere appreciation to Kyiv City team.


Seed Forum and Kyiv City team after the voting at Kyiv City Council.


Public-private partnership between Seed Forum Ukraine Foundation and Kyiv City Council has thus far demonstrated in action a truly democratic and progressive cooperation and will further advance the economic and social development of our city and country at large. iHUB will become the leading centre for innovation and entrepreneurship not only for Ukraine but for Eastern Europe as well.


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