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From left to right: Valeriy Koroviy (Head of Vinnytsia Regional State Administration), Richard Scarborough (Counsellor/Deputy Head of Mission of Norway to Ukraine), Steinar Hoel Korsmo (President and CEO@Seed Forum Global), Dimitri Podoliev (Co-Founder & Chairman Seed Forum Ukraine Foundation, Co-founder and CEO iHUB Network), Sergiy Morgunov (Major of Vinnystia).


On November 24th 2015 Seed Forum Ukraine Foundation, Seed Forum Norway, Vinnytsia City Council officially opened the doors of iHUB Vinnytsia. This is indeed a major milestone for us which was made possible thanks to the public-private partnership between Seed Forum Ukraine Foundation and Vinnytsia City Council, where the later has kindly provided around 250m2 of communal property centrally located in the very heart of Vinnytsia for a period of 10 years free of charge and has co-funded almost 50% of the renovation costs from city budget.



iHUB Vinnytsia is centre for innovation and entrepreneurship with 250 square metres of centrally-located city property will provide 50 working places for innovative startups and tech entrepreneurs, with 100+ events held annual which will visit 2500+ young innovations, tech specialist and beginning entrepreneurs each year.


Grand opening of iHUB Vinnytsia in public-private partnership with Vinnytsia City Council!



Same day Seed Forum Ukraine Foundation and Seed Forum Norway also signed a memorandum of cooperation with the Donetsk National University, which moved to Vinnytsia from the occupied territories. Developed and delivered by an international team of Seed Forum Ukraine Foundation industry specialists it will equip students of the Donetsk National University with the knowledge required to launch and manage innovative high-potential new ventures.


As a remind, on October 8th, Kiev City Council has voted to establish public-private partnership with Seed Forum Ukraine Foundation with the aim to allow iHUB Kiev to expand further to a new venue located at Khryshatyk 10, which will amount to a total of around 2000m2, which will soon become the largest and most prominent innovation centre in Ukraine, and one of the most dynamic venues in Eastern Europe when it comes to IT and innovative entrepreneurship.

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