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How to start an EU company (without leaving Ukraine)

Icon 04 August, 19:00
Icon Oleg Gutsol

Head of Global Growth of E-Residency

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E-Residency enables anyone to start an EU company remotely and manage it entirely online from anywhere in the world with minimal cost and hassle.

Since the programme was launched by Estonia in 2014, more than 20,000 e-residents have signed up from 138 countries. Ukrainians are currently signing up at the fastest rate however, with access to international business payment providers like PayPal often cited as the most attractive benefit.

This workshop will be conducted by the Estonian government’s e-Residency team alongside business service providers to e-residents. 1Office Group provides business services, including incorporation, accountancy and virtual office. Officium is based in Ukraine and provides legal services.

Main speaker: Oleg Gutsol, who is a Ukrainian-born Canadian software developer and entrepreneur. Currently, Oleg serves as a Head of Global Growth of E-Residency program of the Government of Estonia. He is also a founder of Consensus and a partner at O2 Ventures. Previously, Oleg was a co-founder and CEO of 500px, a photography social network, and content licensing marketplace for photographers, serving millions of users globally. His professional focus is on machine learning, artificial intelligence, electronic government and smart infrastructure. Additionally, Oleg is an advisor to Founder Institute, an angel investor and an Ironman triathlete.

Entrance is free, register here – , just let us know how many people are going to visit the event.

Together, we will be able to take you through the process of becoming an e-resident and then starting and managing your EU company online, as well as answer any questions.


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