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Office Hours: Entrepreneurship and Investments

Icon 21 December, 15:30
Icon iHUB Chisinau

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Ana Alcază

+373 79781741

On the 21st of December, iHUB Chisinau is going to meet Peter Nixey, an entrepreneur, software developer, and investor. He’s a Venture Partner with and was the first Venture Partner at Entrepreneur First. His first company was which was funded by YCombinator and which he sold 18 months later in 2009. His long-running obsession is in figuring out how can we get inside people’s day-to-day emails and turn them into something useful and has started two companies in this space, the first of which was funded by Coca-Cola and the second of which is brand new and starting now.

If you have any questions regarding starting your business and how to raise investments, don’t hesitate to register here:

Also, take into consideration that there are only 3 available spots.
Note! The sessions will be provided in English.

iHUB Office Hours is a one-on-one free mentorship session for three startups or individuals with a business idea, that will benefit of 45 minutes with experts from our community. Which means you will have an individual approach for your case.v


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