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Real cases for Golang developers and DevOps

Icon 08 August, 19:00
Icon Privatix

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Golang decentralized application. Existing infrastructure migration to p2p solutions.

Targeted audience : Golang developers, Devops / SysAdmins

Date and time : 8 August 2018 , 19-00 to 21-30
Location : “IHUB” , 10 Khreschatyk Street , Kiev
Tickets : Free ( Registration required )
Organizer : Privatix
Prizes for the best questions : 4000 UAH for 1st place and t-shirts for 2-4 places

1. Creating and maintaining infrastructure for highload services :
Time including questions: 30-40m
Real examples and overview of existent highload VPN/WEB services
Principles and benefits of creating distributed infrastructure on dedicated servers
Standardization of technology stack ( virtualization / isolation ) for different types of highload infrastructure. Single stack for processing inbound/outbound load.
Heterogeneous Unix environment based on different types of virtualization
Automation in heterogeneous Unix environment and configuration/code management.
Infrastructure evolution based on decentralization

2. Coffee break
Time: 15m

3. Building decentralized apps with P2P payments in Golang
Time including questions: 30-40m
Problem context
Choosing tools ( Go, Ethereum )
Design based on Ethereum infrastructure
Application skeleton
P2P micropayments realization
Decentralized application in action [demo]

4. Expanding existing infrastructure to a decentralized environment
Time including questions: 10-15m

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