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Startup Club

Icon 22 July, 13:00

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Olga Graur


We all know that building a Startup takes a lot of energy and time, and often the founders get frustrated and demotivated by the challenges they are facing.
Finding the right person who understands your pain, your work and initiatives to ask for constructive advice and feedback can sometimes be a hustle, therefore we do believe that the people who can understand you the most, can only be a Startuper founder/ team member or someone working in the Startup industry.
The concept of Startup Club is to gather 3 startups monthly under one roof to work a full day together and be able to share their common or different challenges and struggles between startups and get to learn some good case practices, valuable contacts, original initiatives etc.

The agenda of the event will be:

1. Introduction of the startups:
– Explanation of the Startup structure;
– Get to know how did the idea of founding a startup appeared;
– Get to know the goals and purpose of the Startup;
– Get to know the Business Model;
2. Challenges:
– Share your challenges and failures moments;
– Initiative taken to face the challenges;
3. Achievements and good case practices;
4. Feedback and advice sharing;

The event is also open for a limited audience, for any person who would like to create a Startup and learn from those who are already in this industry.
Audience fee: 50 MDL.

– If you are a Startup register at :

– If you are part of the audience, register at:

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