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Tech Pizza - Product Management

Icon 19 July, 18:30
Icon iHUB Chișinău

Drupal Moldova Association

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Ana Alcază

+373 79781741

Tech Pizza is an event where ICT community can gather in a casual and an informal environment around a pizza and a soda to discuss the trends in IT and amazing innovations with the presence of special guests. This leads to developing the local ICT market and strengthening the ICT entrepreneurial community.

This time we are jumping to the products world!

Product teams can no longer rely on features as a measure of success. Nowadays, we are all evaluated on how our products deliver value. We need to understand user behavior, preferences, and sentiment at a much deeper level to personalize the product experience and drive delight. At the Tech Pizza event, we’ll explore the art and science of great software products, we will address the strategic aspects of the role, and also give specific and focused advice on how to structure a process that will provide clearer direction and priority.

This event covers:

– Product lifecycle and understanding where your product falls;
– Business model canvases;
– Implementing user research;
– Synthesis and analysis of user research and data;
– Acceptance pipeline;
– Stakeholder communication strategy;
– Product-market fit;
– Roadmap;
– How to choose the feature that’s going to be developed;
– Team management;
And much more!

Who should attend?

– Product Managers;
– Students;
– Anyone interested to start a product management career.

The concept of the event is questions & answers, there won’t be any boring presentation, you will have a free space and the freedom to ask, share your experience and learn with experts.


Join us for a FREE learning focused talks with innovative product leaders, networking with like-minded peers with a generous help, make sure to register.


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