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The independent one-person show in providing services to a variety of clients. Highly skilled and untamed free spirits that like to choose their own projects. When it comes to accommodating such flexible work and lifestyle we’re a match made in heaven for you.

Central location

Be close to the bubbling centre of business and social life of the city. Situated within a walking distance to many restaurants and shops.

24/7 access

Results-oriented work can hardly be contained within 9-5 so you have the freedom to let your creativity run wild whatever time of day or night that fits you.

Conference rooms

However small or large the party, there’s private space to ensure outmost productivity.

High-speed wifi

Of the greatest human needs there are air, water, food and Wi-Fi. Sometimes the latter being a top priority. We make sure you never run out of that one.


Working right next to driven like-minded industry specialists is the strongest motivation, inspiration and stimulation one might find. Be it friends, partners or clients that you’ll make here.

Food & drinks

Creative juices flowing in the air need replenishment. We provide free water, tea, coffee, kitchen amenities with fridge, stove and microwaves, and a reasonably priced snacks filled vending machine to keep you nourished through the workday.

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There’s more to being a freelancer at iHUB than comfortable chairs and fast internet. You will become a part of a vibrant community of potential friends, partners and clients. Boost your specific IT skills, get tips on building own freelance online brand and boost earnings through regular events right here at iHUB. And with 24/7 access day or night work you will – may the creative force be with you.

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