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IT Companies

Whether you’re a part of a remote team, outsource company or small business – you’ll find a worry- free workplace within our community.

24/7 access

Results-oriented work can hardly be contained within 9-5 so you have the freedom to let your creativity run wild whatever time of day or night that fits you.

Team rooms

Create your own microclimate within the ecosystem of iHUB that boasts separate rooms to accommodate whole startup teams.

Conference rooms

However small or large the party, there’s private space to ensure outmost productivity.

iHUB visa

Your universal resident’s key card to open all iHUB network doors across Ukraine and Eastern Europe.

Regular events

Constant flow of amazing speakers on an array of business, IT and personal development topics to make sure you have all the knowledge and skills you need to succeed.


Working right next to driven like-minded industry specialists is the strongest motivation, inspiration and stimulation one might find. Be it friends, partners or clients that you’ll make here.

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Be it a team of nocturnal developers, brave soldiers of a distributed agile legion, an SME or a little bit of all the above – your company will feel right at home at iHUB. We will be the haven providing a comfortable, conductive workplace. But we hold no promises on whether you’d set out on an unexpected journey of professional growth after one of our exciting events or becoming a part of our bubbling creative community.

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