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We always partner with NGOs and service providers worldwide to create more opportunities for our residents. If you’d like for a member of your company or organisation to be in the epicentre of the innovative tech ecosystem – come sit with us!

Central location

Be close to the bubbling centre of business and social life of the city. Situated within a walking distance to many restaurants and shops.

Team rooms

Create your own microclimate within the ecosystem of iHUB that boasts separate rooms to accommodate whole startup teams.

Conference rooms

However small or large the party, there’s private space to ensure outmost productivity.

iHUB visa

Your universal resident’s key card to open all iHUB network doors across Ukraine and Eastern Europe.

Regular events

Constant flow of amazing speakers on an array of business, IT and personal development topics to make sure you have all the knowledge and skills you need to succeed.


Working right next to driven like-minded industry specialists is the strongest motivation, inspiration and stimulation one might find. Be it friends, partners or clients that you’ll make here.

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Whether you’re an NGO aiming to boost Ukrainian IT entrepreneurship or a company willing to cater to the industry – become a part of iHUB. Joining efforts to maximise the positive impact for the extensive innovative community that iHUB unites is as rewarding as it sounds. We are not fat in our ambition, we are just big boned in achieving the best result!

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staff and promote your services

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