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A few-men grand performance titled “Bringing an idea to life”. Tireless work, innovative ideas, constant flow of codes, bloodstream made of coffee, and sleep deprivation included, most likely. Sound familiar? We make the ride somewhat smoother – infrastructure, training and support are taken care of – you just focus on making your company successful.

Team rooms

Create your own microclimate within the ecosystem of iHUB that boasts separate rooms to accommodate whole startup teams.

Conference rooms

However small or large the party, there’s private space to ensure outmost productivity.

Regular events

Constant flow of amazing speakers on an array of business, IT and personal development topics to make sure you have all the knowledge and skills you need to succeed.

Startup competitions

Test your skills, learn from others and perfect your own participating in iHUB and partner competitions.


Working right next to driven like-minded industry specialists is the strongest motivation, inspiration and stimulation one might find. Be it friends, partners or clients that you’ll make here.

Mentors & support

No money in the world can buy experience. We help you tap into the wealth of the international network of mentors to guide you on the rocky startup road.

Access to finance

Through Seed Forum conferences worldwide, networking and partner events we create opportunities for you to find investments.

Food & drinks

Creative juices flowing in the air need replenishment. We provide free water, tea, coffee, kitchen amenities with fridge, stove and microwaves, and a reasonably priced snacks filled vending machine to keep you nourished through the workday.

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At iHUB we make sure you can do a kick-ass pitch, draw up a spotless business-plan, be an expert in scrum and constantly update your IT skills through regular events. Then you can flex your muscles at iHUB competitions and as a winner slay at partner conferences to try and get investors. World-class ideas need world-class preparation. Because, unfortunately, startups don’t fall under the big bang theory. Even Ukrainian ones.

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