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The Access to Finance in Moldova – ACCESS (ACCESS) Project was launched in February 2015. The project’s development goal is to support start-ups and SMEs to access external equity and venture capital. The project purpose is to establish an inter-playing mix of instruments to improve access to finance for entrepreneurs and SMEs in Moldova.

About project

The Moldovan ICT market is at an early stage of development.
It is among the most dynamically developing sectors of the national economy. Double digit growth was recorded in the number of Moldovan Internet connections in 2009 and 2010, with increased provider efforts to cover the market as fast as possible.
In terms of offshore/ nearshore activities, Moldova became one of the preferred outsourcing locations across the South Eastern Europe (SEE) region in the past years.
This was heavily reflected in the volume of exports of services, which has been growing tenfold between 2004 and 2010. Most of the projects are commissioned from the U.K. and the US, followed by France, Germany, and Romania.

In terms of IT services, Moldova is well positioned for software development – specialised outsourcing activities around high-and value services such as analysis & design, software development and testing; and support activities – competitive workforce with high levels of language proficiency.
The Moldovan IT market is rapidly expanding with around 2,000 students graduating Moldovan universities with degrees in computing or a related field every year. In order to cater to the fast growing ICT community of the country and provide them with a platform to boost their innovative startups, iHUB network is expanding to open a centre in Chisinau in the heart of the city in partnership with the technical university of Moldova.

Work Packages:

WP1. Facilitate access to finance

WP2. Establish and develop the iHUB in Chisinau

WP3. Internationalisaiton of startups -For the most promising and advanced four Moldovan companies per year that go through the Seed Forum process, the project team will facilitate their presentation at the other international SF Investor Conference(s).

Target groups:

Newly started companies with the need to get connected to professional networks, potential partners, markets, investors.

Entrepreneurs and SMEs with ambitions of starting or developing commercial technology companies.

Established SMEs with ambition for the internationalisation of business activities.

Norwegian Innovation Network players interested in the Moldovan innovation potential and partnership opportunities.

Norwegian and international private sector players interested in cooperation opportunities with Moldovan private sector players.

Ukrainian State/Municipal Institutions and Chambers responsible for supporting innovation and SMEs on the regional level.

Ukrainian professionals with the ambition to lead Innovation infrastructure – future iHUBs and Technology Park managers.

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