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Graffiti Workshop

Icon 17 June, 14:00
Icon Dmitrii Potapov


Реєстрація Додати в календар
Назад до івентів

Додаткова інформація

Traian Chivriga

+373695 62 956


How cool is it when yesterday you passed by an empty wall and today it is full of colors and shapes? The graffiti as an art can really transform a dark gloomy place in an imaginary world with different contrasts which can be seen as a fairytale.

Therefore, iHUB team invites you to join the Graffiti Workshop that will take place on the weekend of 17th-18th June. Don’t hesitate to make some changes in your life. Try something new with us and register now at the registration link we put below:

The attendance fee is 250 mdl for 2 days.

Trainer Description:

Dmitrii Potapov: he has more than 10 years of experience in graffiti and painting, he brought life to Hotel National, the Dinamo Stadium, IHUB Chisinau and many other places.

He will be talking about the difference between graffiti street arts, bombing, tagging and the general knowledge about the street culture.


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