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Office Hours - SMM for Business

Icon 18 December, 18:00
Icon Vadim Cușnir

Community Manager Social Media in Culise

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Graur Olga



iHUB Office Hours is one-on-one free mentorship session for three startups or individuals with a business idea, that will benefit of 45 minutes with experts from our community. Which means you will have an individual approach for your case.

Have you ever asked yourself why is social media marketing important for your business?
Maybe this is because it can increase your sales and help to build the right audience for your business? Or it can build brand loyalty? About these points and many others, you can learn at iHUB Office Hours – SMM for business with Vadim Cușnir, Community Manager at Social Media în Culise. Vadim is currently developing the Social Media în Culise community, the place where all marketers and social media managers meet to discuss every trend in Marketing and Social Media. Also, he is a freelancer, event organizer and is friend with 6000 specialists in Social Media and Digital Marketing.

Don’t hesitate to meet such an energized person as Vadim.

Take into consideration that this is a one-on-one session and there are only 3 spots for 3 individuals or startups, so please make sure to book yours at:



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