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Startup Club - Gaming #2

Icon 19 August, 13:00

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Graur Olga



This time, the second edition of Startup Club is going to be about Gaming Industry and its users.
If you are a startup related to Gaming and you want to share your challenges, experience, success with those who do the same things as you, then join the Startup Club – Gaming edition.
The concept of Startup Club – Gaming is to gather 3 or 4 startups whose purpose is to develop the Gaming Industry under one roof and they will have the possibility to interact with each other and share their experience in Gaming.

The agenda of the event will be:

1. The introduction of the startups:
– Explanation of the Gaming Startup structure;
– Get to know how did the idea of founding a startup in Gaming appeared;
– Get to know the goals and purpose of the Startup;
– Get to know the Business Model;
2. Challenges:
– Sharing challenges and failures moments;
– Initiative taken to face the challenges;
3. Achievements and good case practices;
4. Feedback and advice sharing;

The event is also open for a limited audience, for any person who would like to create a Startup in Gaming and learn from those who are already in this industry.
Audience fee: 50 MDL.

– If you are a Startup register at :

– If you are part of the audience, register at:

iHUB Chisinau General partners – EFES VITANTA MOLDOVA BREWERY –StarNet.


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